Book #37 of 2020 | Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg

Title: Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything

Author: BJ Fogg

Thoughts: Another book about habits! When I go all in on a topic, I go all. in. This is a great book to read along with Atomic Habits (check out my post on that book here) if you really want to dive into the concept of habit formation. One practice I know I’ll take away from this is the idea of creating habits by using the phrase “I am the kind of person who ______.” The idea is that once our habits are integral to our sense of self, we’ll be able to better make them part of our life. I also love the idea of redesigning your environment to make your habits easier to do! For my exercise habit, that used to look like sleeping in my workout clothes and setting my tennis shoes next to my bed so I would literally roll out of bed into them. Now it looks like keeping my yoga mat unrolled in the laundry room (which is now my gym…thanks quarantine) to remove the impediment of having to take it out of the cupboard and unroll it. This book is really focused on learning by doing, and for that reason, I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I’d read it instead of listening to it. Each chapter ends with exercises you can do to master the techniques Fogg discusses in the preceding chapter, but if you’re a visual learner like me, you might struggle to follow along as he describes the diagrams. The screenshot above says that the book is only available on Audible, but I’ve found it on as well!

Favorite Lines/Concepts:
“People change by feeling good.”

“Simplicity changes behavior.”

“We aren’t aiming for perfection, we’re aiming for consistency.”

“Emotions create habits.”

“Redesign your environment to make your habits easier to do.”

“I am the kind of person who ______.”

“Change leads to change.”

Click here to purchase Tiny Habits

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