Day 2/30: Monster Cookies (sort of)

By “sort of” monster cookies, I mean, these are really not monster cookies, but that is my fault, because I looked at the recipe title and assumed they were monster cookies, except I started making them and realized they weren’t monster cookies since they didn’t have peanut butter in them, but I made them anyway.

And then they really didn’t turn out like they were supposed to. But that’s okay too. Instead of thick cookies, these are thin, nearly see-through cookies. But on the plus side, what you ARE seeing through is the chewiest (in a good way) cookie ever. The molasses adds great depth of flavor and if you’re a fan of really thin, chewy cookies, these are the ones for you. Also I froze these to store them and they might actually be better than they are straight from the oven?

Get the recipe here.

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