Book #42 of 2020 | White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Title: White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Race

Author: Robin DiAngelo

Thoughts: I really, truly, genuinely, honestly believe that this should be required reading for white people. I’m not sure exactly how that works, but it should be. This book lays out some hard truths about society, and it isn’t until we acknowledge those hard truths that we can make actionable progress towards a more just society. I wrote down some of my favorite lines below, but honestly, if I wrote down all of my favorite lines or the lines that most stood out to me, I would have transcribed 90% of the book. I especially recommend this book to anyone who has found themselves saying that they are “colorblind” or “don’t see race” or were “raised to love everyone equally.” This is the kind of book that will have you look hard, deeply within yourself, and ask yourself if you’ve exhibited behaviors that reinforce power structures that are rooted in white supremacy—because you have. I say that not to accuse you but instead to challenge you to look inside yourself, understand how your implicit bias is played out in the world, and then slowly unlearn and change those behaviors. This is a quick listen, but I guarantee it’s one that will stay with you.

Favorite Lines/Thoughts:
“White fragility holds racism in place.”

“The key to moving forward is what we do with our discomfort.”

“We can’t challenge our racial filters if we can’t consider the possibility that we have them.” (Read that line again)

“White fragility is the sociology of dominance.”

“Stopping our racist patterns must be more important than working to convince others that we don’t have them.” (Read this line again too)

“Emotions are political.”

Click here to purchase White Fragility

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