Day 8/30: Pumpkin Chai Snickerdoodles

No better time to make your favorite fall cookies than the hottest day of the last two years!

These are kind of the cookie that started it all. By that I mean, I baked a lot in high school (cupcakes were “my thing” then) but lived in dorms all four years of college, which meant that I never had a kitchen. Last fall I found this recipe and made them to bring into my office, and suddenly, baking was “my thing” again. Baked goods really bring an office together.

These are amazing. Weirdly enough, I have made these cookies now many times, and each time they come out a little bit different. Sometimes they are puffier and cakier, other times they are flatter and chewier. But they are always, always, always good. They are probably better fall cookies, but who says pumpkin and chai have to be fall flavors? Eat what you want. Don’t let society tell you that you can’t eat pumpkin 11/12 months of the year.

Get the recipe here.

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