Book #49 of 2020 | Untamed by Glennon Doyle

Photo of the cover of "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle.

Title: Untamed

Author: Glennon Doyle

Thoughts: Ever since a high school English teacher of mine changed my mind about annotation, I’ve read pretty much every book with a pen in hand, underlining sentences I liked or found particularly thought-provoking. This is definitely a book to read with a pen in hand. This book speaks deep truths about what it means to be a woman in America today and I loved every page. I think this book will resonate more deeply with motherhood, as Doyle spends many chapters discussing her own journey as a mother and a wife twice-over, but I loved loved loved it anyway! Certain chapters (like “Racism”) will resonate even more deeply in today’s world.

Favorite Lines: (I have so many favorite lines—these are just a few!)
“Do I truly want any of this, or is this what I was conditioned to want? Which of my beliefs are of my own creation and which were programmed into me? How much of who I’ve become is inherent, and how much was just inherited?…Who was I before I became who the world told me to be?” (p. 6)

“But the way others respond to your confidence is not your business.” (p. 106)

“What the world needs is more women who have quit fearing themselves and started trusting themselves.” (p. 117)

“Sometimes we have to do hard things because they are true things.” (p. 130)

“She is a little girl who no longer has to avoid the fires of life, because she has learned that she is fireproof.” (p. 141)

“It is the ultimate victory for a woman to find a way to love herself and other women while existing in a world insisting that she has no right to.” (p. 216)

“Let’s rethink the stories we’ve been telling about God. Let’s date to imagine that God is less like the powerful men who run the world. Let’s imagine God is actually like the person those rules just killed. Let’s imagine that God is a vulnerable baby, born to a poor single mother, among the group most despised by the religious and political elite. He was the least of these back then. They pointed to him. God is in him, they said.” (p. 244)

“Playing dumb, weak, and silly is a disservice to yourself and to me and to the world. Every time you pretend to be less than you are, you steal permission from other women to exist fully.” (p. 286)

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