Book #51 of 2020 | Godshot by Chelsea Bieker

Image of the cover of "Godshot" by Chelsea Bieker

Title: Godshot

Author: Chelsea Bieker

Thoughts: Don’t let the sparkly cover fool you, this book is dark. Like, dark dark. Disturbing dark. I enjoyed the ending, but the whole book was just very dark and twisty in a way that I did not expect. I knew this book was about cults—it’s why I got it, I love a good cult book—but it’s also very much a fiercely feminist story of survival in spite of everything being stacked against you.

Favorite Lines:
“But while I wanted my hatred of her to cover me, to harden my skin to scales and become me, the opposite happened. I only loved her more.” (p. 60)

“I don’t mean beautiful like you’re thinking. I mean beautiful. I mean, deep and changed. Affected. Wise. When you see a woman like that, you know. She’s beautiful because of her undoing. Beautiful because she rebirthed herself from ashes.” (p. 89)

“I’d tell her no fear and she’d know it as the deepest truth and she’d know it as the deepest truth and she would be everything I was not. She would be wild and free. And I wouldn’t worry because I alone knew the secret. That through all of her ugliness, all her hiking and running and jumping and falling and getting back up and saying no and saying what she wanted, her scraped hands, her freckled skin, her smart brain, she would of course be beautiful.” (p. 261)

“I needed time to freeze so I could grow a heart big enough to accept the day.” (p. 281)

“I knew God was bigger than my own understanding, and the thought was not frightening, but a sudden comfort.” (p. 281)

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