Book #53 of 2020 | Walking on the Ceiling by Aysegül Savas

Photo of the cover of "Walking on the Ceiling"

Title: Walking on the Ceiling

Author: Aysegül Savas

Thoughts: This is a short read, but it absolutely sucks you in—it’s mesmerizing. The chapters (sometimes only a paragraph) switch between the narrator’s time in her native Istanbul and her adopted city of Paris and those she meets along the way. I loved the book’s theme of memory and how memories and stories are woven together, sometimes to the point where they are indistinguishable.

Favorite Lines:
“At the time, I didn’t know what sort of damage could be caused with words. I didn’t know, either, what would be lost.” (p. 42)

“And insofar as memories and stories are interchangeable once enough time has passed, this is the story of my childhood as well.” (p. 61)

“Groups of women had a way of kneading the world, firmly and skillfully, the way my grandmother kneaded her dough.” (p. 84)

“What Luke didn’t say, whenever he pointed out that everyone had a story to tell, was that it is a privilege to have a story, to know your own narrative as surely as you know your name.” (p. 88)

“It amazed me that we always walked the most beautiful parts of the city, what might even be called the city’s clichés. If I were guiding us on our walks, I might have saved them for special occasions, as one saves wedding china and silk dresses. But M. was not sparing with beauty; he lived it fully and constantly, shared it generously.” (p. 126)

“Stories have their own logic. For one thing, a story can only be told once it has an ending. For another, it builds, and then unravels. Each element of a story is essential; its time will come and it will ultimately mean something. In this way, stories are accountable, because they can look you in the eye.” (p. 165)

“I doubt that change comes sweeping in a single moment. I think it is always there, waiting for the right time to make itself known.” (p. 181)

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