Book #54 of 2020 | Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo

Image of the cover of "Clap When You Land"

Title: Clap When You Land

Author: Elizabeth Acevedo

Thoughts: This might be my favorite book of 2020. I’m not kidding. It’s that good. It’s so good that I finished all 417 pages in 24 hours and when I finished it I put it down and then said out loud, “That was so good”. It’s so good. It’s written as free verse poetry, which took a few pages to get used to but it’s absolutely stunning. The book explores themes of grief, loss, the families that we are born into—and the families we find along the way. It’s. So. Good.

Favorite Lines:
“He must have realized / his laugh was like one of those paper shredders / making a sad confetti of my hopes.” (p. 15)

“But the best thing about our house / is that it’s a three-minute walk from the beach. / Which isn’t always lucky when the water rises, / but it has saved my life on the many days / when I need a reminder the world is bigger / than the one I know, & it’s currents are always moving; / when I need a reminder / there is a life for me beyond the water / & that one day I will not be left behind.” (p. 35)

“Neighbors pour into the house / like our grief is a bottomless thirst / & God has tipped this pitcher of people to fill us up.” (p. 100)

“I guess I keep hoping if I just don’t move at all / it’ll hurt less when the memory barges into me.” (p. 181)

“The patron saint of the ocean / is known for containing many parts of herself: / she is a nurturer, but she is also a ferocious defender. / & so I remember that to walk this world / you must be kind but also fierce.” (p. 224)

“Maybe anger is like a river, / maybe it crumbles everything around it, maybe it hides / so many skeletons beneath the rolling surface.” (p. 234)

“Here, despite the bad & ugly, / is my home. & now I wish that I could stay. Does anyone ever / want to leave the place they love?” (p. 401)

“I am clothed / in beginnings & endings. A lucky & unlucky garment. / But isn’t every life adorned with both?” (p. 406)

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