Book #59 of 2020 | Saving Ruby King by Catherine Adel West

Title: Saving Ruby King

Author: Catherine Adel West

Thoughts: I’m back! Between moving apartments and being in my friend’s wedding, finding quality reading time over the last few weeks has been frankly not possible. And I think that really affected my overall thoughts on this book. I loved the premise and the idea of it, but I just found myself really unable to get into the story. It was a good book, but not a great one. I really loved the theme of friendship and the lengths we go to protect our friends. In addition, I was really drawn to the role that faith and the church plays in the story as well.

Favorite Lines:
“I’m stitched together by the lies I tell myself and the lies people want to believe about me” (p. 11)

“God’s grace shines in the smallest of things.” (p. 32)

“I want to show her I’m here, that I’ll do whatever I can because there’s nothing more hopeless than believing you’re alone.” (p. 55)

“‘The courage to love despite loss of any kind. If you can’t see anything good in yourself or the world right now, see that part. See courage.'” (p. 165)

“‘…he gave the best hugs in the world, like a warm mountain of love surrounding you.'” (p. 247)

“Our history can shape the future, but it doesn’t define it. Our present is anchored by those around us, those we allow in our lives and those who, by default or shared blood, walk a road with us. What we choose to do with that companionship is up to us.” (p. 302)

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