Apple Spice Muffins

I still bake! I’ve missed baking so much, and I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to bring treats into my office since, you know, there’s a pandemic. Muffins and cookies and things that don’t require a serving utensil all seem to be a go, so let the fall baking begin!

I truly think fall baking is the best baking. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Christmas cookie, but there’s just something about the pumpkin and apple and cinnamon and nutmeg this time of year. My mom and I went to the local orchard over Labor Day Weekend while I was home, and I’ve been looking for apple recipes to start using up some of the apples I have now! Enter these apple spice crumb muffins.

These are easy, use pantry staples, and so, so insanely delicious. I followed this recipe, but used sour cream instead of yogurt and added nutmeg and a dash of ground cloves in addition to the cinnamon. More fall spices > less fall spices.

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