Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies

Another day, another apple recipe!

I still have apples from the orchard, so to celebrate Friday and my roommate finally moving in and the fall colors kicking into high gear in Duluth, these apple cinnamon oatmeal cookies were born.

And they are amazing. Chewy, so moist, apple-y, cinnamon-y, truly fall in a cookie. My pumpkin chai snickerdoodles are still my ultimate all-time favorite fall cookie ever, but these…these are up there. The cookies on their own are incredible, but the maple glaze really just sends them to the next level.

Get the recipe here.

Recipe Modifications:
  • I used nutmeg, cloves, a little allspice, and extra cinnamon instead of apple pie spice.
  • I chilled the dough for about an hour, but honestly, I think it could have been chilled longer. My last batch, the batch that was chilled the longest, held together the best.

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