Book #79 of 2020 | Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo

Title: Ties That Tether

Author: Jane Igharo

Thoughts: I read pages 1-14 yesterday afternoon and pages 15-306 tonight. This book is that good. It’s the perfect combination of light-hearted (and sometimes steamy!) romance but also a dive into the complex reality faced by immigrant children as they grow up torn between two cultures and two selves. I didn’t expect to read this as quickly as I did—or love it as much as I did—but this is a good one, y’all!

Favorite Lines:
“And I’ve been doing that for years—compromising, losing bits and pieces of my original identity in an attempt to reinvent myself.” (p. 18)

“Let go of the life you’ve planned and accept the life that’s waiting for you.” (p. 19)

“In Nigeria, my entire life was an extension of my lineage. There—in a close-knit community, tucked away from the rest of the world—nothing existed but the paths my ancestors had paved, the buildings they had molded with sand and concrete and sweat, the lands they had cultivated and bled to defend, the traditions they had created and nurtured, the myths they had fabricated and adopted as truths.” (p. 26)

“Immigrants chase success differently because we have something to prove to the people we left behind and the people who note our differences—our accent, our appearance, our religion, our culture—every day.” (p. 87)

“…’my mom chose my dad even when it wasn’t convenient.’ ‘Because truth is, love is hardly ever convenient.'” (p. 256)

“Love was in her actions.” (p. 297)

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