Book #80 of 2020 | White Tears/Brown Scars by Ruby Hamad

Title: White Tears/Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women of Color

Author: Ruby Hamad

Thoughts: I thought this was a fascinating listen, and I really encourage white women to read or listen to it. It explores the intersection of race and gender and how white women claim to be feminists—claim to advocate for the advancement of all women—when in reality we (meaning, we as white women) often only desire the advancement of white women to the level of white men. White women and women of color are united in their status as women, but women of color face the burden of both their race and gender in a uniquely oppressive phenomenon known as intersectionality.

The title of the book, White Tears/Brown Scars refers to how tears are often weaponized by white women over women of color. Upon being asked to acknowledge their wrongdoing, a white woman’s tears force the woman of color to rescind her statement or to otherwise console or soothe the white woman—and the problem is not resolved.

Hamad speaks on these issues far better than I ever could, and I highly encourage this book!

Click here to purchase White Tears/Brown Scars

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