Book #85 of 2020 | Migrations by Charlotte McConaghy

Title: Migrations

Author: Charlotte McConaghy

Thoughts: If you are looking for a happy, light-hearted book, this is not the one for you. It’s a book that will cut you to the core. It’s dark, haunting, depressing, incredibly moving, and beautiful. McConaghy’s writing is brilliant, and it’s what kept me reading this book even when the story itself didn’t captivate me as much as I’d hoped it would.

Favorite Lines:
“If I were capable of staying in any place, it might be here. But the birds won’t stay, and neither will I.” (p. 5)

“A life’s impact can be measured by what it gives and what it leaves behind, but it can also be measured by what it steals from the world.” (p. 90)

“It’s in the sky and the roaring ocean and the keening of the wind, it’s in the way she strides over her land and into her lighthouse; she owns this place and it owns her, tangible and unarguable. What must it be like to be bound so deeply and willingly to a place?” (p. 109)

“I lie in the sea and feel more lost than ever, because I’m not meant to be homesick, I’m not meant to long for the things I have always been so desperate to leave. It isn’t fair to be the kind of creature is able to love but unable to stay.” (p. 119)

“…she who loved me when no one else did, only I was too intent on loneliness to see it.” (p. 196)

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