Book #87 of 2020 | The Weekend by Charlotte Wood

Title: The Weekend

Author: Charlotte Wood

Thoughts: I have a rule that I always finish a book no matter how little interest I have in it, but without that rule in place, I might not have finished this book. I found the characters one-dimensional and hard to relate to—but admit that since this is a book written about older women as they navigate their friendship, the book might not have been a book I was supposed to relate to. Overall, I was incredibly underwhelmed.

Favorite Lines:
“They were beyond the reach of the ordinary world, and they were happy.” (p. 36)

“She’d spent her life living all the parts of herself, while normal people lived along the slenderest, most limited path of experience.” (p. 51)

“At this time of the day, Adele was free from the past, free of the future. Her body grew more sinuous as she walked, the morning stiffness in her limbs dissolving. She considered her body; she thought of it as her oldest friend.” (p. 175)

“Jude and Wendy had always understood that there were moments in which Adele existed more fully, with more intensity and truth, than other people experienced over a lifetime, and this was such a moment.” (p. 237)

“That she, Wendy, had made a great many mistakes, and yet the simplest thing remained: she had loved Lance, and Lance had loved her. It would be the plainest, strongest knowledge ever to take root in her.” (p. 259)

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