Book #88 of 2020 | Memorial by Bryan Washington

Title: Memorial

Author: Bryan Washington

Thoughts: I’d heard mixed reviews on this so I was hesitant to get it as my Book of the Month, but it was the only book this month that I was remotely interested in reading, so I picked it. I’m so glad I did! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it and found it to be a super quick, fast-paced read. It’s a great look at the sometimes fraught relationships between children and parents—and how even the most broken of relationships can be repaired.

Favorite Lines:
“We didn’t actually decide anything, between the two of us. But a non-decision is a choice in itself.” (p. 42)

“It’s hard to head home without succumbing to nostalgia, standing where so many versions of yourself once stood, one of a suburb’s magical properties.” (p. 62)

“That loving a person means letting them change when they need to. And letting them go when they need to. And that doesn’t make them any less of a home. Just maybe not one for you. Or only for a season or two. But that doesn’t diminish the love. It just changes forms.” (p. 181)

“Ma must’ve taken the photo when we were in Cali. I don’t remember her doing that. But I guess that’s the thing: we take our memories wherever we go, and what’s left are the ones that stick around, and that’s how we make a life.” (p. 248)

Click here to purchase Memorial

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