Book #97 of 2020 | In A Holidaze by Christina Lauren

Title: In A Holidaze

Author: Christina Lauren


  1. I read this in approximately three hours
  2. I need to have a bunch of family friends who all go to a cabin together every year and I need to fall in love with one of them
  3. Andrew + Maelyn forever ❤

Favorite Lines:
“This is the one place in the world where I’ve never questioned what I’m doing or who I am.” (p. 14)

“I imagined my childhood would end gradually, not with this full sprint into a brick wall starkly labeled End of an Era.” (p. 27)

“All I know is that the sound of my loved ones’ laughter bouncing off the hillside is the best sound I’ve ever heard.” (p. 111)

“I’ve loved you since I knew what love was.” (p. 280)

Click here to purchase In A Holidaze

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