Book #102 of 2020 | When All Is Said by Anne Griffin

Title: When All Is Said

Author: Anne Griffin

Thoughts: This is a beautifully told story. At its simplest, it’s a story of Maurice, an old Irish man, from his childhood to his adult life and now old age. But it’s told through a series of five toasts to five people in his life—so while it’s a story of his life, it’s also an insight into him, his loves and his losses, his mistakes and his best days. This book is subtle. It’s not bold, but it will quietly sneak its way into your heart.

Favorite Lines:
“I’m here to remember—all that I have been and all that I will never be again.” (p. 29)

“Everything about her seemed alive and triumphant in the happiness of what was to come.” (p. 102)

“But she laid her hand upon my cheek, lowering her face to mine and kissed me, imparting a forgiveness so deep and honest that I had to fight back my tears of relief and gratitude. Her kindness flowed through me, saving me, bringing me home.” (p. 110)

“But, for all her bravado, she has a vulnerability that’s made me want to make the world just right for her.” (p. 111)

“No one, no one really knows loss until it’s someone you love. The deep-down kind of love that holds on to your bones and digs itself right in under your fingernails, as hard to budge as the years of compacted earth.” (p. 260)

“I knew for certain the, that there, sitting across the red Formica table, with the perfectly placed condiments, was the woman I was ready to love until the life went out of me.” (p. 271)

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