Book #2 of 2021 | The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan

Title: The Keeper of Lost Things

Author: Ruth Hogan

Thoughts: I wanted to absolutely love this book. I thought the premise—a man who collects lost things in hopes of returning them to their rightful owner—was adorable and I was so excited to read this. And it just…fell a little flat for me. I liked it, it was cute, but it wasn’t magical to me. And I wanted it to be magical.

Favorite Lines:
“Softly, gently, room by room, Laura had loved the house back into life.” (p. 7)

“Over the years he had filled his drawers and shelves with fragments of other people’s lives, and somehow they had helped to mend his—so cruelly shattered—and make it whole again. Not picture-perfect; of course not after what had happened. A life still scarred and cracked and misshapen but worth living nonetheless.” (p. 23)

“Perhaps I thought that if I rescued every lost thing I found, someone would rescue the one thing left in the world that I really cared about and one day I might get it back and so restore my broken promise.” (p. 84)

Click here to purchase The Keeper of Lost Things

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